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Glengarden Press is a boutique publishing house run by Rhod McEwan. Rhod has published books on a variety of subjects but Glengarden Press specializes primarily in art books. His first book was the monumental Dictionary of Scottish Art & Architecture, written by Peter McEwan and first issued in 1994 with a fully updated and revised edition produced in 2004. This definitive reference work lists over 12,000 names and has attracted glowing reviews.
The latest title from Glengarden Press is called ART WORDS: The Handbook of Art & Art Related Terms, again by Peter McEwan and running to 139 pages. It is a pocket ABC which will prove invaluable to students, art lovers and art dealers, auctioneers, tourists and the merely curious. It is produced in a handy size and is illustrated throughout in an attractive style. The RRP is £9.99 and copies can be ordered from the Press at the following address:
Glengarden Glengarden Press
Royal Deeside
Aberdeenshire AB35 5UB
t: 013397 55429

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Our Publications

Art Words

This pocket ABC will prove invaluable to students,art lovers and art dealers, auctioneers, tourists and the merely curious. The concise entries, accompanied by explicit illustrations throughout, make it easy to use.

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Dictionary of Scottish Art

Peter McEwan, who is both a scholar and dealer, has spent nearly two decades in researching for this work. Much of his efforts have been directed towards original research with the result that of more than 5500 artists recorded, many are hitherto unknown while of the known artists, much additional information is included. The development of Scottish painting, and indeed art, has had more to do with continental Europe than with England. In the 17th century there was a constant migration of Scottish artists to Italy, especially to the Roman Academy of St Luke. In the 18th century, in the midst of the Scottish Enlightenment, the art of Scotland, in particular its portraiture, achieved heights at least equal to its southern neighbour. In the 19th century and beyond there was a close affinity with the Low Countries while at the dawn of impressionism and with the explosion of interest in colour, Scottish painting occupied a leading place. The Glasgow School and the Scottish Colourists were two of the most important artistic movements to their time in Europe. The Dictionary is, therefore, an important source of reference about art of the 20th century. The Dictionary follows a similar form to other Antique Collectors' Club standard reference works. Essential biographic facts, a short entry of the artist's work, its place in artistic tradition. The current location of key works is included and a short bibliography listing the principal references. In order to provide a balanced record, reference to the life and works of Scotland's most important architects, designers and illustrators have also been included.

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To Catch the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea

If variety is the spice of life, then Peter McEwan’s career has been a veritable curry. A man of multiple interests and enthusiasms, his roving curiosity led him and his young family to experience life on three continents and a portfolio lifestyle – by turns poet, philosopher, pig farmer, ghost hunter, book dealer, gallery owner, cricket fixer, author and academic. Unorthodox, yes. Dull, never...

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GlengardenThe Press is connected to the well established McEwan Gallery, a family run business in their Glengarden home, situated in the foothills of the Cairngorms. While the Gallery has exhibited around the world and at fairs throughout Britain, sales are now made from the Gallery itself and online through the website. The emphasis is on Scottish art of all ages, particularly Victorian art, and also with a slant towards the Dutch schools. Dorothy, Peter and Rhod are partners each contributing different skills; Dorothy is the main buyer and seller, Peter offers the academic approach and writes about art while Rhod has established the publishing arm. The Gallery is open throughout the year although it is best to make an appointment during the winter months.