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How to compost leaves in 7 days

I have a friend Julia, she lives in Austria. Like us, gardeners of the post-Soviet space, she has a vegetable garden. Here is a recent letter from her: “Hey, look – an interesting idea about leaf compost.” And gave several links.

I don’t know who was the first inventor, but the idea was not only born, but also managed to take root. It turns out that the entire composting process in time can take exactly one week, and does not require additional space. Amusing?

And what to lay as components – only leaves? No, not only. When you fly the beds, you try to pull out the grass with a root so that nothing remains in the ground, otherwise new greenery will grow from a scrap of root, thicker and stronger than the previous one. Where to attach the grass? Compost, of course.


It turns out that stems, roots with soil residues, actually green leaves go into it. Branches of trees and bushes are not laid. Kitchen waste too.

Ripening time
This mixture in the compost bin or pit starts to rot, but the process is slow. Sometimes two or three years must pass before a new substance, similar to soil, is born from a heap of damp greenery. Is there a time to wait? Is there extra space in the vegetable garden or garden for the three compost piles or bins?

It is unlikely, because the area of an ordinary garden plot is 5-6 acres, on which so much needs to be placed. So they throw out weeds from the site.

Modern EM technologies allow to accelerate maturation, but it still takes time.

You can choose biological products to accelerate the maturation of compost in our catalog, which combines the offers of large garden online stores. See a selection of biological products.

Composting device
Of course, they read the headline and thought that the device should be taken somewhere. Not to take or buy, but to build by ourselves, from those materials that the owner likes the most or with which he knows how to work. It can be lumber, or it can be metal pipes. You can use fifty boards. It is not difficult to buy barrels either, and sometimes it is possible to receive it as a gift, if it is not an exchange container. You can ask around the manufacturers of dietary supplements or dry herbal mixtures.

Pipes can be found at scrap yards, the same plumbers in residential offices, which are now called management companies. Yes, and a neighbor, making repairs in the bathroom, will not refuse to give you used pipes: he needs to carry them to the garbage collector, and just then you are ready to help – take all this “good” for yourself.

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