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Rest in the country: how to arrange a relaxation zone in the autumn garden

On fine autumn days it is impossible to sit at home: you want to go to the garden, where the sun no longer burns, but gently wraps it in warm rays. Set up a cozy place for outdoor recreation – and enjoy the mature beauty of the golden-haired mistress of the season! Plants – now late blooming – and tasteful accessories will help create a relaxing atmosphere and allow you to fully appreciate the benefits of the golden age.

What do you need to consider in order to equip a cozy leisure corner in the autumn garden? First of all, the fact that the ideal location, decor and even furniture for a pastime at the end of the season are fundamentally different from the summer options, because on hot days you want to plunge into the life-giving shade, now – sit longer in the sun.

1. Choosing a place
The most advantageous location for an autumn leisure corner is the southwest, especially if the resting place is covered from above with a canopy, and from the side – by a house wall or a lush flower garden that protects from prying eyes and wind.

In the middle of autumn, cold and dampness is already blowing from the lawn and stone slabs, so a wooden platform will be the best solution for arranging an island of peace and relaxation.

In the photo above: in the flower garden near the terrace, foxtail pennisetum, Chinese miscanthus and rod-shaped millet appeared in all their splendor and beauty. Sitting on ottomans on a wooden platform, you can relax while watching the stems of ornamental grasses sway at the slightest breath of breeze.

It pulls cold from the floor, so cover the chaise longue with a warm and thick blanket. Two baskets of Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) paired with chrysanthemums and columnar box trees are the highlight of the resting place (pictured below).

Also, garden carpets made of moisture-resistant fiber, which are more relevant than ever, will allow them to escape from the penetrating breath of cold – they do not care about dampness. By the way, pillows for country furniture should be purchased from a similar material, since ordinary pillows instantly absorb moisture and do not dry out for a long time.

A small greenhouse – such as the one on the left – can also become a favorite resting place – just put folding chairs and a table here. On sunny days, the air in the house heats up and retains a pleasant warmth until the evening. With the onset of dusk, candles will help create a soulful atmosphere. And the bench in the photo on the right beckons to take a short pause and, in addition, serves as a bright accent. Relax completely and enjoy the “doctor ordered” moment here.

2. We think over lighting scenarios
The next important point is to think over additional lighting options, because every day it gets darker and earlier. It is recommended to place “light accents” not only along the paths, but also in flower beds, and under especially picturesque shrubs and trees – then the garden at night will not seem gloomy and frightening, but will appear romantic, colorful and mysterious.

Thanks to the illumination at dusk, it is especially pleasant to spend time in the fresh air and admire the flower beds with asters, ornamental grasses and bright girlish grapes growing near the house.

3. We arrange a place for a fire
And, of course, be sure to allocate a place for a fire on the site: a live fire will give light, warm you on chilly evenings and help you cook mouth-watering grilled dishes.

The clinker grill will warm you on a cool evening, and the dance of fire will create a romantic mood. Well, thanks to the lattice insert, it is convenient to admire the incendiary dance of flashes while sitting on the terrace.

4. We create decorative compositions

Dry leaves
Dry leaves rustle so pleasantly underfoot! Somewhere in nature, you can enthusiastically walk along the rustling gold of autumn, but you cannot leave fallen leaves in the garden on the lawn, since the grass under them will simply vanish, and bald spots will appear on the green carpet. But they can be used to create autumn compositions – as in the photo on the left. In the photo on the right: a fruit bowl made of cups and saucers of different sizes will be an excellent table decoration at your favorite summer cottage.

For decoration, you can use the fruits of Japanese quince, hazel and chestnut – and all the same dry leaves.

Berry wreath
A wreath of snowberry, privet, rose hips and leaves looks festive and catchy. In the center is a large lamp with candles. He stands on a board with 4 holes for the ropes.

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