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How to clean a gutter

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In spring and late autumn, garbage accumulates in the elements of the drainage system of suburban housing – leaves, cones, tree branches. If they are not removed in time, the drainage system will fail, and the water will begin to wash away the foundation of the house. There are several ways to solve this problem.

The standard gutter system consists of gutters with funnels and pipes of various configurations. A properly assembled gutter has been in operation for decades and does not require any special maintenance. But only on one condition – if the house is not located in a forest or surrounded by tall trees. Leaves and needles are the main enemies of the drainage system.

Different roofs – different gutters
There are two main types of roofs – flat with an internal or external drain and inclined with an external drain. When installing flat roof gutters, special protective lattice caps are installed on the funnels to collect leaves and various debris. They are called that: leaf catchers. These devices trap leaves and prevent them from entering the drainpipes. The area around the funnel must be manually cleaned periodically.

With sloped roof gutters, everything is much more complicated. Foliage, needles and tree seeds fall directly into long drainage trays and remain there. Some of them are washed off into the drainpipes during heavy rainfall. The rest of the garbage accumulates in the gutters and settles there firmly. As a result, their working section gradually decreases, and water does not go into the system, but overflows the edge, eroding the walls and foundation. Further it gets worse. The gutters become heavy, their fastenings fail, and the entire structure collapses downward. Therefore, if your house stands among centuries-old oaks and pines, its drainage system must be checked and cleaned in a timely manner.

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